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Do you need help with starting a quest? Maybe you're stuck on a certain part and you can't seem to solve the puzzle. Well, these Quest guides may be of great use to you. They're packed with details, easy-to-follow steps, and pictures to go along with each one!

The guides have been split into 2 sections, 1 for Freeplay quest guides, meaning that anyone can do them, and another for Members-Only guides that only Members can complete.

You will also notice that, upon completion of each of the quests, you'll receive a number of Quest Points. There is really no use for them, other than getting into the Champion's, Hero's and Legend's Guilds. Some quests also require a certain number of Quest Points for you to complete them.

Skill Experience

You'll find that upon completing many of the quests in RuneScape, you'll also receive experience to certain skills. To aid you in determining which quests give experience in a skill, check out the Quest Experience Guide.

Freeplay Quest Walkthroughs
Quest Where To Begin Difficulty
Black Knight's Fortress Sir Amik Varze
Cook's Assistant Lumbridge Castle Cook
Demon Slayer Gypsy in Varrock
Doric's Quest Doric
Dragon Slayer Champion's Guild Master
Ernest the Chicken Veronica
Goblin Diplomacy Rusty Anchor Bartender
Imp Catcher Wizard Mizgog
Knight's Sword The Squire
Pirate's Treasure Redbeard Frank
Prince Ali Rescue Hassan
Restless Ghost Father Aereck
Romeo & Juliet Juliet
Rune Mysteries The Duke of Lumbridge
Sheep Shearer Fred the Farmer
Shield of Arrav Reldo the Librarian
Vampire Slayer Morgan
Witches Potion Hetty

Member Quest Walkthroughs
Quest Where to Begin Difficulty
Between A Rock... Dondakan
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Rantz
Biohazard Elena
Clock Tower Brother Kojo
Creature of Fenkenstrain Signpost in Canifis
Death Plateau Denulth
Desert Treasure Asgarnia the Archaeologist
Digsite Quest Examiner
Druidic Ritual Kaqemeex
Dwarf Cannon Dwarf Commander
Eadgar's Ruse Sanfew
Elemental Workshop Seer's Village Bookcase
The Feud Ali Morisane
Fight Arena Lady Servil
Fishing Contest Dwarf
The Forgettable Tale Veldaban
The Fremennik Trials Brundt the Chieftain
Family Crest Dimintheus
Gertrude's Cat Gertrude
Ghosts Ahoy Velorina
The Giant Dwarf Dwarven Boatman
The Golem Golem
The Grand Tree King Narnode Shareen
Haunted Mine Zealot
Hazeel Cult Sir Ceril Carnillean
Heroes Quest Achietties
The Holy Grail King Arthur
Horror From the Deep Larissa
Icthlarin's Little Helper Wanderer
In Search of the Myreque Vanstrom Klause
Jungle Potion Trufitus
Legends Quest Radimus Erkle
Lost City Warrior
Lost Tribe Sigmund
Merlin's Crystal King Arthur
Monk's Friend Brother Omad
Monkey Madness King Narode Shareen
Mountain Daughter Hamal the Chieftain
Mourning's End Part 1 Eluned
Murder Mystery Guard near the Mansion
Nature Spirit Drezel
Observatory Quest Observatory Professor
One Small Favour Yanni Salika
Plague City Edmond
Priest in Peril King of Varrock
Recruitment Drive Sir Amik Varze
Regicide Messenger
Roving Elves Forest Campfire & Islwyn
Scorpion Catcher Thormac
Sea Slug Caroline
Shades of Mort'ton Diary of Herbi Flax
Sheep Herder Councilor Halgrive
Shilo Village Mosol Rei
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Timfraku
Tears of Guthix Juna
Temple of Ikov Lucien
The Tourist Trap Irena
Throne of Miscellania King Vargas
Tree Gnome Village King Bolren
Tribal Totem Kangai
Troll Romance Ug
Troll Stronghold Denulth
Underground Pass King Lathas
Watch Tower Watch Tower Wizard
Waterfall Quest Almera
Witches House Boy
Zogre Flesh Eaters Grish

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